Is Instagram Breeding a Culture of Desire?

Remember when Instagram was a space for candid, raw moments captured in perfect squares, edited with VSCO, with no theme or aesthetic dominating a particular feed, and the only creative thing to do was to make several pictures into one big square grid?
Rarely will you have the luxury to find a feed like that again. Ever since Instagram became the hot spot for businesses to grow their reach, the birth of social media influencers, and reels being an addition to what was originally a photo dominated space, Instagram has become akin to a mind-numbing, ad popping marketplace.
Businesses and influencers aside – even people now have a ‘finsta’ ( aka: an alternate Instagram account with the usual goofy name, restricted to a select few) for the same purpose- you just cannot have a casual Instagram feed, possibly ever again.
What started as a space for the creative community to share their vision with like minded people has today become largely responsible for creating anxiety, insecurities and desires.
Let’s call this: An AFFLICTION named DESIRE
Let’s reevaluate our relationship with our wants
The pandemic made everyone reflect over the way we lived our lives, and most importantly the way we consumed. People, especially the relatively privileged did take to heart, the sheer wastage of resources that goes about in a hyper-consumerism lifestyle.
Ask yourself – DO I NEED this
A capsule wardrobe is the answer to many woes. Let’s be clear- everyone’s capsule wardrobe does not look the same. It would be a good idea to evaluate what colors suit you best, what materials are season friendly in the country you reside, and buy high quality statement pieces that you’d see yourself wearing even after that Instagram trend long fades away.
Only BUY something when you’re ready to GIVE AWAY something:
A life hack. Every time you go for tat much needed shopping spree, think of what you can give away a piece you’ve owned for say, 4-5 years to someone who’ll use it for longer, increase the shelf life, and possibly someone who needs it more.
If you like something or someone, instead of harboring jealousy and hate- “Pay a Compliment” – this is highly underrated.
We are quick to criticize but we rarely appreciate someone or something we like and become passive consumers. It is important to appreciate something from afar without feeling the need to make it yours.
Stop consuming content which makes you unhappy or anxious
UNFOLLOW someone who brings out the worst in you. Hate watching content often only does harm to the person viewing it, and no one else.
Your insecurities are much more deep seated, social media is only aggravating them. Connect with your feelings.
Remember- for a social media platform, the consumer is no one but YOU. It is impossible to slow down this fast paced culture- but it is possible and healthy to learn to react to it accordingly.
Just a few ideas and things I TRY & practice which can help you! Please share any other ideas you may have and let’s help each other help ourselves!
We are all victims to this culture. There is not a single person on social media who hasn’t felt all of the above. It’s best to look within do more internal work than to shame someone else for consumerism.
I have personally been trying to create content where I promote re-wearing clothes with my Styling Series, some DIYs to revamp old pieces & Homemade Beauty Series which can be help bring change. If you have any other suggestions, comment below? Tag someone who might need to read this today!
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