Did DIOR Celebrate Indian Craftsmen or Did Dior say “Thank you for your cheap labor”?

Its simple math.
An important reason international houses and brands outsource production and services to India is to cut costs. Any amount of recognition or talent of Indian artisans will not translate into equal pay for them as their western counterparts( because equal pay would mean the cost of outsourcing production would be higher than the benefit).
Its simple Economics.
As a growing economy this works for us. We have a growing workforce and they need employment. International houses outsourcing to us helps keep our labor employed and keep our GDP green. Our objective was employment, not recognition (because if it was- we wouldn’t be settling for lower wages for equal work).
So how does Dior coming to India serve us?
Will this invite more international houses coming to produce in India as a cost cutting exercise?
Maybe. So does that result in an even higher GDP for us?
If this is just business why are Indians around the world celebrating the Dior show as a matter of national pride?
Is it because we have finally received a crumb of validation from the West that we so vehemently seek? It’s akin to a blue tick in the Instagram world!
We didn’t need anyone to tell us how skilled our Indian Craftsmen are, we already knew that to our core and bone. We know that no one does hand embroidery (like chikankari, chunri, mirror work,etc) like we do.
So what are we really rejoicing?
Is it that Dior invited all the A listers from around the world and staged the workmanship for the world to see by creating some incredible online & offline footage?
The timeline of events in Mumbai clearly points out the irony with that one- if the last week has taught us anything, it’s that Indians can do that themselves, maybe even better (referencing the Ambanis and their legendary NMACC opening ).
@otherwarya so intelligently called this “atleast culture” : Its not what we deserve- but “atleast it’s something”.
Imran Ahmed said in an interview that India has emerged as one of the world’s strongest fashion markets, which explains the desire for luxury brands to align themselves with India.
This is a calculated move from Dior’s end- A lot more Indians will now feel personal attachment and a sense of pride next time they walk into a Dior store – A lot more Indian will also now buy Dior!
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