The NMACC Inaugural – Is Indian Culture Synonymous with Bollywood?

To an onlooker it definitely may seem like it.
With Bollywood A-listers attending the event dressed to the nines and a handful few even putting on a performance- cue Shahrukh Khan’s viral dance performance for his fans and Ranveer Singh’s unmatched energy on the stage may have broken the internet but there is so much more that went on at the event that we may have missed.
The book launch of
“India in Fashion: The Influence of Indian Dress and Textiles on the Fashionable Imagination”
by Hamish Bowles a book published himself (global editor of Vogue)
“The Great Indian Musical – civilisation to the nation” by Feroze Abbas created to encapsulate the spirit of India through the different dance forms, visual arts, music and more.
The Art house – which hosts 5 Indian Artists and 5 International Artists is apparently a sight to behold.
The NMACC ( The Nita Ambani Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre) has infinite potential ; it has already been placed on the international radar by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Penelope Cruz witnessing the space in person.
To create a project with impact but also one that makes headlines would be incomplete without the present of these A-listers because the Bollywood obsession is undeniable.
So really is Bollywood only a means to an end for the Indian Cultural Movement or do you still think its the entire culture?
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