Our Story

Rabia Kader moved to Bombay 10 years ago and with her rose-coloured lenses on, she began exploring the nooks and crannies of the city. With so much that the city has to offer, fashion was definitely sweeping but not fleeting.

It stood in a stark contrast to the fashion she grew up around where women savoured in oversized garbs elegantly free flowing on them, desexualising the body but embodying an endearing seduction. 

In 2017 Bombay Street Style was born, to highlight the fashion outside the film industry and share tips from industry experts in an effort to make fashion accessible . 

In 2023 we are proud to launch our clothing brand, in an effort to continue making modesty fashionable and fashion accessible. 

Revelling in the ease of modesty, BSS is a womenswear brand, which focuses on creating versatile, edgy but pragmatic clothing. Designed for the modern women of today to look and feel confident.

Our Mission

Making Modesty Fashionable and Fashion Accessible.

In a nation obsessed with its film industry, we wanted to give presence to the mundane yet fashionable. 

In our search for the quintessential, we stumbled upon so many ideas, brands, and concepts giving birth to

Bombay Street Style.

Our Vision

A daily digital guide to what’s trending and what not. 

Telling important stories and building bridges across borders with the common denominator – Fashion.